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Brittany Puppies

More About Our Puppies


Aside from the versatility our dogs have to offer, we are also proud of the health quality of our dogs.  To ensure we produce only the healthiest animals, we do health testing prior to each breeding.  Our dog's hips are certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and have their eyes cleared.  Most also have additional health clearances in order to become CHIC certified.  

At around 3 days of age, puppies take their first trip to the veterinarian.  They get their tails docked, their dew claws removed, and also receive a full vet check.  Puppies are wormed periodically and also receive their first vaccinations at around 6-7 weeks of age.  At the time of purchase, each new owner is given proof of current vaccinations and the health record of their new puppy.  Our pups are sold with a 3 day health guarantee, during which time we ask that the new owner have their pup examined by their own veterinarian and set up a schedule for future visits.  The puppy can be returned for a full refund if it develops an illness within these 3 days.  

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 We average two litters of Brittany puppies a year.  We usually keep one puppy out of each litter and the remainder are available to show, hunting, performance, and/or companion homes.  Puppies are placed with their families at 8-12 weeks of age. The order in which pups are picked are determined by a few factors but mostly on how each puppy will fit their new owner's needs.  Show , hunting and/or performance competitors are picked first in the order in which deposits were received.  Pet homes are placed as to how the puppy fits into each home.  


    All our puppies are sold to individuals who will make them part of their families. We will not sell a pup to anyone who plans to confine it exclusively  to a kennel run or backyard.  Since this breed is active and needs a job to do all year - not just during hunting season, we especially enjoy selling our pups to people who are interested in show or performance events. 

We also ask that if you become unable to take care of your dog, you will give us first option for ownership.  We will take back any or our puppies regardless of the reason.  We request that you contact us before transferring ownership of any of our puppies.  We also ask that you maintain contact with us to let us know how the puppy is doing.  We love to hear stories a see pictures of our puppies!

Our Brittany puppies are $1,350.  To reserve a puppy we have the perspective buyer fill out a puppy questionnaire. If a Diamond Creek dog is found suitable for you, a $350 deposit will hold a puppy. The deposit is non refundable unless the sex of the puppy is not produced.   

    We will provide the puppy buyer with certificate of pedigree and the American Kennel Club Registration papers upon completion of the transaction.  This includes return or payment for the airline kennel, payment of shipping fees, clearing of any checks, etc.      

 All of our puppies sold as "hunting/companion/pets" and are considered unsuitable for breeding are sold on AKC Limited Registration.  Limited Registration dogs are ineligible to compete in AKC conformation events, however, they may participate in all performance events including hunt tests, field trials, obedience, agility, etc.  This puppy's get cannot be registered by the AKC and we strongly recommend that you have all animals sold on a Limited Registration spayed or neutered.  If a puppy is of  breeding quality, it will be sold on co-ownership with a full registration and a signed contract (see left).   We will sign off on the puppy after certain conditions are met.

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We no longer ship puppies.  Puppies must be picked up in person.

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